Lion King Trilogy

The music, costumes, and action of the Lion King Musical is spellbinding. Children of all ages will be thoroughly entranced by this spectacular production. Adults will enjoy it every bit as much as the children do. There is so much to see, hear, and experience. Kids and adults can relate to the story of Simba, and his journey from a baby to an adult. Tickets to the Lion King musical have become highly desirable. This is something that the entire family will cherish the memories for years to come. What a terrific opportunity to introduce the kids to the theatre world. It is essential to purchase the theatre tickets early, so the family is not disappointed.

The Lyceum Theatre is the where the musical is playing. Theatre tickets can be obtained directly from the theatre or the usual vendors. The Lyceum theatre can accommodate 2000 guests. The site has a long and illustrious history dating back to 1765. The present building was redesigned in 1904 and maintains the original 1834 facade and portico. Visitors can feel the history when entering the building.
The trip to the Lyceum is as powerful a deal as the play guests come to see. The massive columns present a majestic entrance. The theatre is run by the Ambassador Theatre Group. There are three distinct seating levels. There are many accommodations made for the disabled including sign language interpreted performance, sound amplification and disabled access. There are many splendid restaurants nearby to enjoy dinner at before the production. Children three and under are not permitted in the theatre. This is the perfect venue and production for introducing children to the fun and excitement of seeing a live musical event. Learn more here.

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